What we do

Hamblin Family Law firm is a boutique family law firm that supports High-Net-Worth clients through any family-related issue, with the key benefit of a diverse network of advisers behind them.

We are also proud to be one of the very first HNW practices to offer fixed fees on all areas of our work.


Divorce/Civil Partnership proceedings

We take care of all of the legal and administrative processes of dissolving your marriage or civil partnership for you. This involves considering the appropriate jurisdiction for your case, working together with foreign advisers where necessary, putting your initial petition together (or acknowledging service of the same), all the way to obtaining your final order and dealing with any cost disputes that may arise.


Financial proceedings on divorce/dissolution

We will use our creative legal thinking and sharp intellect to get you the best possible financial outcome, whether that be in or outside of court. We will fully support and guide you along the way and will be honest and transparent as to the possible outcomes to ensure that we do not over-promise and under deliver.


Children Proceedings

We assist both married and unmarried parents in navigating child arrangements following relationship breakdown and put the children as the very first consideration in every case. Where court proceedings or relocation applications are required, we work with specialised children barristers.

Child Law solicitors

At Hamblin Family Law, we handle every case with sensitivity, respect and care – and never more so than when there are children involved. We are more than lawyers. We offer a holistic approach to children law, working with our wider network of family therapists, mediators and trusted advisers so you get the complete expert service you and your family deserve.


International Divorce and Financial Proceedings

There is no doubt that we have tremendous strength and experience in dealing with (and winning) numerous international cases that involve complex divorce jurisdictional disputes and Part III proceedings (which involve a foreign divorce). We take great pride in being leaders in this field and have an international network of trusted advisers behind us to help us execute even the most complicated of international global strategies.


Cohabitation agreements

In the UK, cohabiting couples do not have the same legal protection and rights as married couples or civil partners. Cohabitation agreements therefore provide clarity and protection for those in non-marital relationships, mitigating disputes and misunderstandings over property and financial assets should the relationship come to an end.


Pre/Post-nuptial Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements

Where clients are keen to take protective steps to avoid conflict in the event of relationship breakdown, we draft and negotiate pre/post-nuptial and cohabitation agreements. We take great care in creating these documents as we understand the importance of their drafting should they ever need to be relied upon, whilst also remaining highly sensitive to the emotions at play at the time of their creation.


Prenuptial agreements

While no one enters a marriage to divorce, relationship breakdowns do happen. A prenuptial agreement – also known as a prenup – provides essential reassurance that should the worst happen, there is a fair and equitable outcome for everyone involved.


Postnuptial agreements

Our lives, relationships and financial circumstances are forever changing. For the most part, that change is a step forward through positive growth, at other times it may be a misstep or a stumble into the unknown. A postnuptial agreement, therefore, provides stability and certainty in an ever-evolving world.


Fixed-fee divorce

Trust, honesty and reliability are at the core of what we do. Our fixed-fee divorce service provides transparency, clarity and expertise in dissolving your marriage or civil partnership at a set, upfront cost.


Non-molestation & occupation orders

If you are experiencing threatening behaviour at home or are fearful for your or your children’s safety, we can act swiftly to take steps to protect you and them, and will advise you of all of the options available to you.

Whether needing support with an immediate family issue or wanting to know where you stand, book a free initial meeting with our team.

Why choose us?


It is of critical importance to us to ensure that our fees are fully transparent and always fair. We offer fixed fee agreements to all clients who want them as soon as the landscape of their case allows us to calculate. Whichever approach you wish to take, we will make sure you have clarity on your costs from the word go. Trust, honesty and reliability are at the core of what we do.

From our family to yours

We handle sensitive cases with the respect and care they deserve, especially when children are involved. We create a safe and supportive space for our clients while giving you clear and expert advice. We also work with our wider network of trusted advisers to ensure that you can access all of the emotional and financial help you need from one place.

Balanced work environment

We believe in looking after our people. 

We have built a law firm where the best legal brains in the business are supported and empowered to provide you with the best specialist family representation that money can buy.