Forensic Accountants London

In the intricate landscape of divorce, we often work with our network of expert London-based forensic accountants. Stay one step ahead and let us help you fully understand the financial picture before the other party.

What is forensic accountancy?

Forensic accountancy stands at the intersection of financial expertise and investigative skills, serving as a crucial tool in legal proceedings where financial matters are under scrutiny.

While many couples embarking on a divorce seek a mutually agreed and mutually beneficial settlement out of court, where there are unresolved disputes relating to the division of assets and finances this may not be possible.

A forensic accountant plays a key role in divorce proceedings by providing complete financial transparency – including uncovering fraud, clarifying financial discrepancies, valuing and investigating business interests or investigating accounting irregularities.

Our forensic accountants and valuers work alongside us in the divorce process and are here to support you through even the most complex of international cases. Get in touch to find out more today.

How we can help

Our network of London-based forensic accountants and valuers are instrumental in our high-net-worth divorce successes. They assist us with giving an early indication of asset values, uncovering hidden income streams and undisclosed assets, and provide us with crucial financial insights throughout the life of a case to keep us one step ahead of our opponents.

Understanding individual and joint finances

Thorough analysis of individual and shared liabilities and assets is fundamental to forensic accountancy, ensuring any hidden or undeclared assets or debts are brought to light.

Asset tracing

When assets become entangled in complex divorce cases, our network of expert forensic accountants and valuers are on hand to ensure they are rightfully identified.

Asset and business valuation

Our highly comprehensive and precise approach to working with experts to assess the value of businesses and personal assets is essential for a fair division of wealth in divorce cases.

Child maintenance arrangements

When children are involved in divorce or civil partnership dissolution, full financial transparency is essential for the fair and accurate payment of child maintenance and to minimise any impact on the child’s life ongoing.

Expert witness

Whether in court or arbitration settings, if single joint experts are required, we often work with shadow experts of our own, to ensure the right questions are put to the jointly appointed expert in their initial instruction letter and following the production of their reports.

Should you need specialised expertise for a particular issue, consider contacting our London forensic accounting consultants. We can arrange a consultation to explore the different options to illuminate your financial situation.