Divorce financial settlements

We use our creative legal thinking and sharp intellect to get you the best possible financial settlement in your divorce, whether in or outside of court. We never over-promise or underdeliver; rather, our expert divorce lawyers are committed to guiding you through every stage, and always giving honest and transparent advice for all possible outcomes.

Our approach to divorce financial settlements

At Hamblin Family Law, we support you to reach the right financial settlement for you and your family, or if necessary, to resolve your case in court.

Our expert divorce lawyers are motivated by getting you the results you want and settling cases effectively, not by driving cases to court and recording more time on your file. From the very outset, we ensure you have a clear understanding of your finances. This, in turn, puts you in the best possible position to make informed decisions about your financial future. We will also ensure you are aware of the realistic outcomes of your case and understand the consequences of any compromises that you wish to make, in order to manage your expectations throughout.

We also work with a network of accountants, Independent Financial Advisers, pension experts, business valuation experts, property experts, and divorce consultants to surround you with all the support your case needs.

Dividing your finances is not something that should be dealt with over the kitchen table. It needs legal input and careful consideration.

What is covered in the financial settlement?

A financial settlement is a deal that is reached to resolve all financial matters that arise between you as a couple going through divorce.

This will include the fair and appropriate division of each of your:

All of these interests need to be wrapped up conclusively within a financial settlement or court order to avoid further conflict arising in the future.

We aim to do this without there being any need for you to set foot in court, and this is almost always possible. But if we need to, we will not hesitate to obtain judicial support for our clients through the court process.