High-net-worth divorce lawyers London

We specialise in family law for high-net-worth and high-profile individuals, fostering strong relationships with our clients through our values of trust, integrity, and full cost transparency.

Navigating complex cases with compassion and care

At Hamblin Family Law, we understand that every personal situation is unique, and therefore treat every individual with professionalism and empathy. Our expert approach to high net-worth divorce cases not only recognises the legal intricacies, but also the emotional challenges that come with the division of significant, and often international, financial portfolios.

How we work

We value the importance of choosing the right legal representation for high-net-worth divorce cases.

As each case is unique, the duration of a high-net-worth divorce is dependent on each family’s circumstances. While some cases may be resolved amicably and swiftly, others may require more time for negotiations with the input of expert valuers or other independent experts. Other cases will require the involvement of the courts to cut through disputes or any valuation computation issues that arise. 

However, for all cases, we ensure you are kept up-to-date at every stage so you fully understand the divorce process, and are never left wondering what the strategy is, while time clocks are left running.


When working with Hamblin Family Law, you can expect:

Expertise in high-net-worth cases

Our family law solicitors specialise in navigating the complexities of high-net-worth divorces with sensitivity and confidentiality.

Open communication

We will communicate with the other party or their solicitor on your behalf. We will also be in frequent communication with you to offer support and guidance, and to ensure you are informed at every stage of the process.

Empathetic approach

Where there are significant financial portfolios, inherited family wealth, business assets, and children, we appreciate the emotional toll a high-net-worth divorce can take. We therefore provide compassionate support while working to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Proven track record

We have an impressive record of successfully representing high-net-worth individuals in divorce cases to protect their assets.

We are here to support you. Talk to an experienced high-net-worth divorce lawyer today.

What’s involved in high-net-worth divorce cases?

Maintenance payments

Our London-based divorce lawyers work diligently to assess the financial needs of both parties and to negotiate fair and appropriate maintenance payments; both on an interim and long-term basis, for spouses and their children.


We specialise in handling the complexity of trust structures, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of how these assets should be handled during divorce.


Our network of tax experts is on-hand to develop strategies that minimise tax liabilities while optimising financial outcomes.


We approach the valuing and dividing of assets such as property, investments, and high-value items with precision and care to ensure an equitable distribution of wealth.

Business assets

For those with business interests, we work with you and expert valuers and accountants to safeguard your interests. For those facing complex business structures, we help you understand your position and your claims against them, in a language you understand.

Offshore assets

We are highly experienced in handling complex cases involving offshore assets ensuring compliance with international laws.