International divorce

At Hamblin Family Law, we recognise the multifaceted nature of international divorce cases. Our London-based divorce lawyers offer specialist support to guide you through this intricate landscape while helping source the international team of advisers you need, before leading the execution of the global case strategy.

What is involved in an international divorce?

International divorce involves navigating the complexities of differing legal systems, potential jurisdiction disputes, cultural considerations, child arrangements, and the division of assets on a global scale. Cases are also influenced by multiple factors, such as couples relocating from their home country to live abroad, living in different countries than their former partners, holding citizenship in another country, or dealing with the challenges posed by diverse nationalities and cultures.

Therefore, effective handling of international divorce cases not only requires particular expertise and experience in coordinating legal proceedings across borders but heightened sensitivity in considering the impact on financial portfolios and children within the family.

At Hamblin Family Law, we ensure you are fully informed and supported throughout the divorce process, navigating potential challenges and legal intricacies with empathy and a commitment to protecting your interests.

Where should the divorce take place?

An initial challenge of international divorce is determining which country should handle the court proceedings – otherwise known as jurisdiction. Indeed, for multinational relationships, this can involve multiple jurisdictions needing to be considered and becoming involved.

In all instances, you must have a connection to the country you want to divorce in and there are differing criteria to apply so we recommend that you act quickly and seek expert advice in each jurisdiction. 

Talk to us about how to determine the best place for your divorce to take place.

International divorce - where should the divorce take place
International divorce - are prenuptial agreements enforceable

Are prenuptial agreements enforceable in international divorce cases?

Prenuptial agreements present complex challenges in international divorce cases. Their enforceability depends on the jurisdiction and the legal validity of the agreement in each country involved. However, we are on hand to support you in overcoming these challenges and protecting your assets.

Discover more about Prenuptial Agreements. 

What about child arrangements?

We are experts in defining arrangements, visitation schedules, and the allocation of parental responsibilities, within the complexities posed by international relationships. Nonetheless, in all cases where children are involved, we always prioritise the wellbeing of the child in reaching the best possible outcome for your family.

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Our global expertise

We offer a unique blend of professionalism, compassion, and elite expertise to ensure a seamless and personalised experience tailored to your individual situation.

When working with Hamblin Family Law, you can expect:

Expertise in international divorce law

Our London-based divorce lawyers are highly experienced in the nuances of international divorce law, thereby handling your case with the utmost care.

A bespoke approach

We understand the complexities of managing substantial assets and child arrangements across borders and therefore tailor our approach to your unique personal situation.

A global network of support

We collaborate with a network of international divorce consultants and financial experts to provide support beyond legal representation.

Prioritising privacy

Our team prioritise your privacy and that of your family, ensuring that personal and financial matters are handled with sensitivity and confidentiality.